Tiffany Scarpelli

tiffany headshotOriginally from New York, at a young age, Tiffany moved with her parents and siblings to the East Coast of FL.  She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree at the University of Tampa prior to moving to Southern California, where she spent the next several years, primarily selling medical equipment to pulmonary physicians whose patients suffered from Chronic Obstructive Respiratory Disease (COPD) and other respiratory illnesses. 

For as long as she can remember, Tiffany has been most passionate about health and fitness and holds a personal training certification (CPT) by the National College of Sports Medicine (NASM).  Transferring her skills from the medical industry to fitness has been a natural transition for Tiffany.  Seeing firsthand what it’s like for patients to rely on respiratory equipment to breath, she can’t think of a better industry to make a difference in than fitness, where she can provide fitness equipment that will  aid in preventing heart disease and other illnesses and also help increase the strength of breathing muscles for individuals who have respiratory issues like COPD. 

In any industry, providing excellent customer service results in a win-win situation for both the company and customer, and her decision to join FitRev, a company that prides itself on providing unsurpassed customer service for clients who want the absolute best, is one that allows her to do just that.

Tiffany services many industry market segments at FitRev, including Medical Wellness Centers, Senior Living Communities, Hotels, Multi-Family/Condominiums, Universities & Schools,  Corporate Fitness Centers, Country Clubs and more.

The best way to reach Tiffany to learn more about how she can help with your fitness equipment needs is on her cell phone at 407-965-6112.

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