The Many Benefits of Corporate Fitness Programs

A growing and innovative tactic corporations are using today to increase employee morale and reduce company costs is through the adoption of corporate fitness programs.  Even with the stagnant economy, corporate fitness programs are proving to be a valuable asset and are actually reducing costs.

As HR Directors or Managers, our most important assets are our employees. We want our employees to enjoy their jobs and work environment. Encouraging employees to embrace fitness as a lifestyle choice provides benefits for both the business owner and the employee.

How a Corporate Fitness Program can Benefit for Your Company

Standard employee costs such as sick time, workers compensation, and health care can all easily be reduced by having healthier, happier and more productive employees.

A four-year study published in the American Journal of Health Promotion by a non-for-profit health insurance company, found that a steady wellness program has the potential to lessen healthcare costs by 15%, or approximately $332 per employee, per year.

A January article in Forbes revealed different ways small businesses can cut back on health care costs with “Providing a Wellness Program” being at the top of the list. Other recommendations by Forbes focused on the health aspect of employees from not hiring cigarette smokers to having a nurse hotline. A huge focus has been launched on the well-being of business employees and it’s looking to also play a contributing role in Corporate Social Responsibility.

Small lifestyle changes can prove to be substantial in overall health and ability. Integrating a healthier culture into the everyday work place will make employees more dedicated and improve the overall image of a company.

Want to Implement a Healthier Workplace Culture for your Organization?

Whether it’s a corporate yoga class, professional health coaching or a fully-equipped gymnasium for employees, having employee engagement is crucial for attracting and retaining workers.  At FITREV, we know our clients want the best fit, function and price when equipping their facility.

Our fitness equipment experts can help you decide what’s best for your company and your budget. From cardio and strength equipment to fitness accessories, FITREV has everything you’ll need for a healthier and happier staff.

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