Guide to Making the Best Treadmill Purchase

A treadmill is one of the more widely accepted starting points for establishing the willfulness to begin working out. Whether users are committing to an exercise routine for the first time or are a competitive athlete, it’s practically the most user friendly form of fitness equipment that fills gyms today. It provides a way to exercise without having to brave the outdoor elements. With so many technological options, joggers can climb a hill, go for an easy stroll or get a track workout all from the comfort of the indoors.

When the time comes to purchase new treadmills for your business, there are plenty of factors to consider before making a final decision. Programming features as well as durability and longevity are some of the most important features to consider, while user height and weight are significant factors as well.

First and foremost, you should test out the machine before buying it. Who buys a car without test driving it first? The bells and whistles may look nice at first, but when it comes down to actual performance, you’re going to want to get a sample before committing to a bulk purchase. Take a short walk or jog, testing out all the features you know your customers will be using.

Pay attention to ease of use in the realm of practicability. Is the speed or incline button within reach, especially while in motion? Does the speed button react fast enough and is there an annoying lag between setting changes? Test out any screen features such as simulated pathways and tracks and monitor whether the quality is going to reflect positively back on you from your customers.

The deck and belt systems are another important consideration. Check to see if the belt operates smoothly and if the deck absorbs enough impact. For users with a height of 6” or taller, a belt tread length of 60” or more is best as it will compensate for the extra stride length. Additionally, many treadmills have user weight limits. Make sure the weight limits accommodate the variety of populations you serve and the target populations you want to attract.

The amount of use in your facility will determine how durable the treadmill needs to be. Buying a more durable and variable product is the most logical way to go. Product warranty directly reflects the quality of the product, and buyers should research exactly how far that warranty extends. Who will provide service for your equipment when needed? Does the company you are purchasing from provide local repair service? Are their technicians certified?

Buying a treadmill, or any piece of workout equipment, should be a well informed and educated decision making process. If you want expert insight and advice, FITREV is your resource for fitness equipment and service.  technical questions or provide our general opinion in purchasing equipment. Give FITREV a call at 888-826-7867 and let us help you in your research!

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