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Fitness Equipment for Apartments

These days just about every apartment and condominium complex offers some kind of “exercise room,” but it is nearly impossible to lure in today’s health savvy residents with a fitness center that appears to be an after-thought, tucked away in the basement bragging of a lone treadmill and a few free weights on the floor. Today’s potential and current residents are looking for more, far more. FITREV design services and fitness equipment for apartments/condos will wow them with all of the latest health and wellness features available.

FITREV goes beyond the norm with complete design and implementation of high-end residential fitness centers to provide all of the features your residents will love; optimal workout space, sophisticated equipment, health and wellness training, fitness classes, and spa facilities are often key community amenities sought after by apartment/condo dwellers with active and healthy lifestyles. Watch how FITREV can put your site miles ahead of the competition. We work with the best in the business to deliver the most advanced equipment and amenity options for every plan.

Potential residents shopping around expect to find a fully equipped on-site community fitness center as a standard amenity in multi-family/condominium living. In fact, it is often a key point of comparison that will determine where they choose to call home. You can be proud to feature a FITREV custom fitness center as the showcase of any marketing piece, rather than hiding your mention of a dated gym in a simple bullet point on your brochure. Your residents are looking for more and FITREV delivers more – it’s our specialty. Whether your current on-site fitness center is simply in need of a 21st century makeover or you are planning ahead with initial construction – FITREV provides expert design consultation, state-of-the-art equipment, and continued maintenance plans for every budget.

Our team of fitness experts will collaborate with your building management team to develop the initial design, offer project-financing options, and provide complete installation. We are with you every step of the way. In addition, we offer routine maintenance, management and training programs, along with a variety of health and wellness services to ensure that you are reaching the maximum benefits of your investment.

Our goal is to create a thriving fitness center of activity and even a social hot spot for your residents, a sure highlight of your community. Your residents can achieve their personal fitness goals, working out before or after a long day without the hassle of driving out to the gym. They can also take advantage of scheduled classes or wind down to enjoy complete relaxation and pampering with our featured spa amenities – for a fully engaging health and wellness experience.

Let’s get started! Your vision and concerns are important to us. All of our residential fitness center projects begin with a complimentary consult. Things we’ll cover:

  • Location and optimized square footage of your new or remodeled fitness center
  • Special requirements, constraints, and requests
  • Flooring analysis and recommendations
  • Equipment brands, styles, and options
  • Audio/visual enhancements
  • Budget establishment and financing options
  • Service and maintenance packages beyond installation

Contact FITREV today and let us help you create an on-site residential fitness center that puts you in the lead!

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