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Corporate Fitness Centers

Today, time is more precious than ever. It seems like every day some new device or software comes along to tether us more tightly to our desks and offices. While these may help with productivity, they create a diminishing return over time. Sometimes, what we need is the chance to break free from the desk, to get the blood pumping, and increase the energy levels. Yet, doing that can be hard. It involves finding a gym outside of the office and having the energy and motivation to actually go there in our free time. Plus, it does nothing to improve the tedium of our daily office grind.

That is where a corporate fitness facility can make the difference. In a recent report by the Huffington Post, a summary of the relevant research into fitness and work productivity found: "A modest exercise habit can help keep you sharper into old age, give you more energy to take on the day, and improve your mood." Thus, employers have incentive to see to the health of their employees, as it ultimately adds to their bottom line.

How to Start?

But where should a company start? Obviously, finding a few weights and benches and a treadmill is fairly easy, but how should they be arranged? How many of each piece of equipment does a corporation need? What kind of safety equipment is a requirement? Should special training or supervision be given to those using the equipment? Creating a worksite fitness system is not as simple as just clearing a garage of unused exercise equipment and telling employees to work out more.


That is where we excel! FitRev provides corporate fitness facility design and implementation, providing the entire package from design to equipment to installation, around the Florida area. At FitRev, we strive to help every member of an organization reach new levels of wellness. Our corporate fitness facilities can meet every employee need and experience level whether they have not seen a gym in their lives or are lifetime exercise enthusiasts.

Our solutions to corporate fitness center essentials can increase employee engagement, change lives, reduce time lost to illness, increase morale, and greatly improve productivity. We believe the path to health and wellness is a simple, convenient, and workable change to the employees' lifestyles. Providing a way for them to improve their lives and health can make changes to the DNA of your organization. This is our business, and we can customize health, fitness, and recreation facilities to exactly match your organization's needs and desires.

Return on Investment

At the end of the day, we also understand that this is business. Industry requires a return on investment and competitive advantage. At FitRev, we have been in the health and fitness management business for years, and have decades of combined design and implementation experience. We have helped dozens of organizations, across numerous fields with implementation of their worksite fitness system.

Imagine the extra energy the average employee can tap into with just a few minutes of exercise each day. Consider the boosts to employee productivity that result when employees are not out sick all the time, when they show up happy about their jobs, and when they are excited to push through their assignments for the opportunity to hit the gym when they are finished. Imagine how much better clients or customers will feel meeting a fit, healthy, and vital workforce.

Get Started Today

Contact us today at 888-826-7867, to begin turbo-charging your organization with some of the best designed, most effective corporate fitness facilities to address your needs and fit within your budget.

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