Bryan Lansberry


Territory Manager - West Coast Florida

Bryan has been a Wellness Design Specialist in Florida for over 10 years and has become the leading developer of the most innovative fitness solutions for commercial facilities worldwide.

He offers expertise across multiple facets of the health & fitness industry, including spatial planning, facility design & consultation, ADA compliance, branding/identity creation, asset management, revenue generation, supply, service, and support. Bryan currently services many industry market segments including Hospitality, Multi Family/Residential Development, Corporate Wellness, Private Estates, Cruise Lines, Personal Yachts, Professional & Collegiate Sports, Universities & Schools, Municipal Government Organizations, and Iconic Health & Wellness Organizations.

Bryan is a father of 2 beautiful little girls and has been married to his amazing wife, Monica for over 10 years. Originally, born and raised just outside of Philadelphia, in New Jersey, Bryan and his family have lived in Florida for more than 10 years. His passion, integrity, knowledge, experience and ultimate desire to help his clients succeed truly catapults him to a level of eliteness.

Contact Bryan today at 727-871-0882 for any of your fitness or equipment needs.

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