3 Must Have Pieces of Fitness Equipment to Improve Your Golf Swing

When the term ‘athlete’ comes to mind, what do you instantly think of? Maybe football, soccer, basketball or baseball… Rarely does golf come up in conversation as being the fittest sport around. However, any pro golfer will tell you how being in shape is the key to perfecting their golf swing.

Core strength and flexibility improve the spine’s range of motion and affect a golf swing directly. Having the physical ability to increase the speed of motion and control of the range of motion are the best ways to not only avoiding injury, but improve the golfing abilities on the green.

The most common injury that happens while golfing is muscle strains and pains in the lower back. The golf swing puts a tremendous amount of stress on the back and upper body due to the torquing of the torso over a stable lower body. The stronger and more flexible the upper body; the less chance of injury and the better swing control.

The FITREV experts have come up with 3 key fitness equipment pieces that any serious golfer should have.

 #1 Stretch Trainer

Using the Precor 240i Stretch Trainer will condition flexibility all while stretching the muscles and improving the golfers range of motion.  Learn more about the Precor Stretch Trainer.

  • Creates a stronger core
  • Stretches back and abdomen muscles
  • Makes lower back more flexible; improving range of motion
  • Prevents Injury

 #2 FTS Glide Functional Trainer

The FTS Glide offers resistance training designed with a compact footprint and low height to fit any fitness facility.  The FTS Glide is easy to use and provides resistance training.  Learn more about the Precor FTS Glide Functional Trainer.

    • Increases core strength
    • Improves  balance
    • Improves overall stability
    • Improves coordination

#3 Work Out Bands or Cables

This type of exercise equipment has been custom fitted to golfers looking to improve their swing. Select cables are available that incorporate a shortened club where there would normally be a handle. Using these cables strengthens muscles and perfects the range of motion while also stabilizing balance.

    • Strengthens core golf muscle
    • Learn to create width, extension and lag in golf swing
    • Increases core speed

Regular golfers and even newcomers to the sport quickly learn that having a strong core is the ultimate way to improve their game. If you are an avid golfer or have just taken up the sport, FITREV suggests trying these three pieces of equipment before your next round of golf.  We’re certain you’ll notice a difference.  Next time you’re on the green, pay attention to what muscles you are using for that swing and think of how changes in your posture, balance and strength could improve your results.  

Contact a FITREV commercial fitness equipment expert today for more information on how FITREV can help better your game.

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