3 Key Fitness Exercises to Prevent Golf Injuries and Improve Your Game

Whether an avid golfer, new to the sport, or someone who takes on the driving range occasionally, it’s important to maintain core strength and flexibility to truly have an affective golf swing.  Increasing ones physical dexterities and speed of motion, supports the golfer’s proper range, vastly improving their golfing game.  (Before:  The physical ability to increase the speed of motion with the proper range will vastly improve golfing abilities.)

Every golfer should follow a few simple exercises to help avoid injury or aggravating an old one. Foremost, it is important to maintain flexibility and a strong core.   Muscle strains and pains in the lower back are among the most common golf injuries.  Because of the stress created to the upper body and back during a golf swing, the torso and lower body must remain both stabile and flexible.  In addition, keeping the core strong with a flexible upper body is an important combination for a successful swing, minimizing injury. 

The FITREV Fitness Equipment Experts would like to share three key fitness exercises that can easily be done at home to help improve core strength, flexibility, and stability.  These exercises are for all golfers whether a serious daily golfer or those who occasionally walk the course.  

#1 Work Out Bands or Cables

This type of exercise equipment has been custom fitted to golfers looking to improve their swing.  Select cables are available that incorporate a shortened club where there would normally be a handle. Using these cables strengthens muscles and perfects the range of motion while also stabilizing balance.

  • Strengthens core golf muscle
  • Learn to create width, extension and lag in golf swing
  • Increases core speed

 #2 Balance Discs

Doing assorted work outs such as squats, cable crosses, or dumbbell routines on balance discs will greatly improve balance. Focus on keeping the feet centered and grounded instead of the heels or toes for stability.

  • Develops strong ankles and legs
  • Improves posture
  • Improves overall balance
  • Improves coordination

 #3 Balance Ball

Using a balance ball will condition flexibility and stability, all while stretching the muscles and improving the golfers range of motion.

  • Creates a stronger core and conditions balance
  • Stretches back and abdomen
  • Makes lower back more flexible
  • Improves posture

Whether the avid serious golfer or occasional visitor to the driving range, it is important to maintain a strong core with flexibility and stability to prevent injuries.  FITREV believes following these simple home exercises will help move your game, taking it to the next level with minimal stress to the body, ultimatelyimproving your golf abilities.  Contact a FITREV fitness equipment expert today for more information on how FITREV can help better your game.

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